Establishing Vorta-fications

Posted on Fri Aug 25th, 2017 @ 6:29pm by Captain C`Tasi Rssnai & Crew Member Wivaneh

Mission: Let's Kick this Pig

.:[Temporary Quarters]:.

Wivaneh was sitting in their small temporary quarters that they were forced to rent after being fired from their last job. Mind you it wasn't their fault that the captain of the freighter they worked on was a complete xenophobe and didn't want a former member of the Dominion serving on his ship. Also didn't help that they were neither male or female technically they were both cloned as a female but someone decided to do some unauthorized procedures on them.

Drumming their fingers on the table top with a glass of water and a PADD The PADD had job openings they were in desperate need of one they were burning through their savings faster than they expected. But like with their old job no one wanted a former Dominion operative working for them.

As if on cue, Wivaneh's PaDD gave a chirp as a message was received:


Received your application. Please meet with me at the
Dark Quasar at your convenience.

Captain C`Tasi Rssnai, SS Fawkes

.:[Dark Quasar]:.

C`Tasi sat comfortably in a dim booth near the back corner of the Dark Quasar, her gold eyes ranging over the assorted patrons present in the establishment. Her back to the wall, she had a rather unobstructed view of the room, with the assurance that no one could essentially sneak up behind her. The Caitian had learned to be even more cautious in the days since her arrival on the starbase and new idiosyncrasies had become old habits at that point. Relaxed and waiting, she sat with her paws folded neatly on the table in front of her, a PaDD to her right and merely taking note of the routine activity around her.

.:[Temporary Quarters]:.

Wivaneh stood turning the PADD off and slipping it into their back pocket of their black leather pants along with a black Andorian energy pistol which didn't work 'cause they couldn't afford the energy cells but it was a good deterrent. Walking to the door they slipped on her black leather jacket before heading for the Dark Quasar.

.:[Dark Quasar]:.

" sent this?" Wvianeh asked setting and sliding the PADD to the Caitian. "I never sent any application for this job so......."

The amber furred Caitian had watched the leather-clad slight figure entered the pub, and then head straight towards her. Golden eyes followed her curiously until she reached the very booth C`Tasi sat at, whereas the felinoid sat up a little straighter and tilted her head, an ear flicking slightly.

When Wvianeh slid her the PaDD, C`Tasi gave it a cursory glance before looking back up at the Vorta, an eyebrow arching, "I did send that. Apparently, I was misinformed. Do you not need a job?"

Walking to the other side of the booth they slid in so their back was to no one either. With them being Vorta she needed to watch everyone. "I do....but I have to warn you I don't last long on jobs, as you can see on my resumé."

C`Tasi gave the Vorta an assessing look, nodding finally, "That may be, but I need a crew. You need a job. I'd say that puts us on even footing for right now, even if it's temporary."

She picked up the PaDD and gave it another look, glancing back up at the other, "I see you've done a few different things...Anything you're especially good with?"

"Communications," Wivaneh said simply. "Big and small communications systems."

"I need a comms officer," C`Tasi leaned backs lightly, tapping the clawed tip of one finger against the tabletop and looking Wivaneh over, "but I'm also not crazy. What's your story?"

The Caitian hadn't really been involved in the Dominion War, having been far too young at the time, but the lasting effects were still felt throughout the Federation to the current time. Many knew about Vorta and their involvement with the Dominion, but there were always outliers.

"Pay?" Wivaneh asked simply she had debts debts the were coming up fast.

C`Tasi watched Wivaneh for a moment, tilting her head slightly and flicking her ear in slight annoyance. She needed a crew, and her sources had pointed her in the direction of Vorta for whatever reason. The other seemed closed off, however, C`Tasi knew how to leave private matters be. Tail tip twitching slightly in the booth next to her, the Caitian scrawled a figure on the PaDD on her side of the table and slid it across to Wivaneh.

"As you can see, what I have to offer is fairly standard throughout the industry right now. I'm hoping to bring that up a bit as we fill the coffers. The Federation is still pulling itself back together after the.. Dominion War.. and still needs commercial transports to move goods back and forth. We find a niche, we fill it, and we make money," she gave a small smile, "among other things."

It wasn't like she had options plus being on the ship would keep her moving which would make it difficult for them to find her. "I just need a few hours to collect my belongings and.....I just need a few hours."

C`Tasi quirked a brow, not at all oblivious to the other's hesitation. Everyone had their secrets and were entitled to them, even herself.

"So you're in then. Excellent," she rotated her own PaDD back towards the Vorta, "If you'll just sign the contract, you can get your affairs in order and meet you up at the Fawkes when you're ready.

Wivaneh looked at the PADD she hated contracts but she also knew she wasn't gonna get a job without one. Pressing her thumb against the PADD until it turned from red to green letting them know the contract was signed. "Of course. I'll be at the Fawkes by end of day."

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