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A Rude Awakening..

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 10:35pm by Captain C`Tasi Rssnai
Edited on on Tue Jun 27th, 2017 @ 8:44pm

Mission: Let's Kick this Pig
Location: Black Talon Brig
Timeline: Not so distant past..

The acrid smell of unwashed bodies, dirt and waste did it's best to cover the sweeter odor of blood that washed over C`Tasi's senses. Her nose she could trust to tell her what was around, but her vision was clouded from both pain and exhaustion. Hanging loosely in the holding cell, her digitigrade feet barely touching the deck as the energized manacles held her outstretched arms painfully above her head. She had no idea how much time had passed since her capture, nor did she have the faintest of ideas as to where she was other than a prisoner on board the Black Talon. As her thoughts brushed over that clinging fact, she chided herself yet again for being so reckless and unprepared.. so many plans ruined and the opportunity for revenge was certainly lost. It was only by sheer tenacious will that she kept a claw-hold on her deeper thoughts, and continued to fight against the man who assailed her relentlessly.

Dras Briggs, perhaps summoned by the very fleeting thought of his name, seemed to simply appear out of the shadows that reached the corners of the small compartment. He was dressed as he always was, a simple black blouse with billowy sleeves rolled to the elbows and a pair of dark trousers. His frame was more lanky than bulky, though the whip of a man needed little help of brute strength to inflict injury upon those who opposed him. A careful array of platinum blonde hair adorned his head, but the most piercing feature he had were the dark abysses that were his eyes. Black as coal, and sharp as razors, his spearing glance alone held a mysterious power. The captive Caitian could not immediately focus on the man, his outline appeared fuzzy and challenged the eyes, but she could smell him. He had a particular odor, Dras Briggs.. almost a musk that seemed to invade C`Tasi's senses and overwhelm her if she wasn't careful. Mint, leather, and.. masculine. When she noticed his arrival, the Caitian gave an involuntary flinch to the side, as his visits were often wrought with pain both mental and physical.

"Ah, my pet," his voice was cool, accented and soft, "I see you're still with us. Good. I enjoy our play time together."

C`Tasi panted as she attempted to focus on the man, her breathing rasping loudly in the otherwise quiet compartment. Her once pleasant thrumming voice had been reduced to a ragged throaty rasp through the episodes with the man, and she feared she'd never regain her voice at all by the time it was done. If she even lived through it, after all.

"Nothing to say? Nothing to add to our last discussion, hmm?" his voice was power, but his probing mind was like a sharp lance that struck out at her consciousness.

C`Tasi still didn't answer, panting in the musty compartment and giving the man before her a defiant glare. Even as his mental attack invaded her thoughts, she shunted the probe aside from sensitive information such as her ties to Starfleet. It would be suicide to allow the half-Betazoid to glean too much of her history, especially if he decided to either kill her or use her as a hostage of some sort. The Caitian really didn't know anything of importance to 'Fleet, and she harbored no hope that someone like her would be rescued for the mere fact that she had a commission. Instead of the information she kept locked away in a mental safekeeping, C`Tasi attempted to steer the man towards a more fabricated facade that was rife with half-truth; but it was enough that it would seem both plausible and defensible.

"Hmm," Dras crooned tilting his head slightly, "your intelligence is delicious, my kitten. It would be a shame to destroy you.. a waste, really. Why don't you just tell me why you're looking for us? What is your interest?"

He hissed out the last syllable, stepping forward towards the bound female. His scent filled C`Tasi's senses and made her gasp audibly as he stopped right in front of her, white gloved hands on slender hips and a thoughtful expression on his face.

"I-" her response was cut short by a bout of coughing as her raspy voice caught in her throat, "I already told you. I heard about your outfit.. I wanted.. in.."

Dras didn't respond, as was his usual. He simply watched his captive with those dark eyes that seemed to suck the color out of the room. It seemed an eternity before the man turned on his heel to leave the room, walking purposefully towards the shadows at the far end of the compartment. He paused before he reached the hatch, and turned to gaze back towards her. His features were hidden yet again by the deep shadows that touched the corners of the room, but there was a slight glint from the subdued indirect lighting that barely illuminated the felinoid's hanging form. He made a brief noise, as if clicking his tongue before glancing towards a form she hadn't seen enter the room with him. With a nod, Dras faded into the shadows, but the bulky frame of his Orion crewman filled the void.

"Play time, kitty," the ragged tooth grin of the man was feral and frightening, but more so was the long metallic object he held in his hand.

As he strode slowly towards her, the business end of the device emitted intermittent sparks of energy, giving lightening flashes of illumination into the chamber. The Caitian struggled against her bonds, her toes barely brushing the ground as she attempted to move herself as far away from the man as he approached her eagerly.

"Tut-tut, deary. There's no where for you to go here.."

The Orion male thrust out the rod, veritably spearing the lithe Caitian about the ribs. The howl that erupted from her would be enough to set anyone's teeth on edge, but the Orion seemed to drink it up.

"Oh, yes.. this will be fun."

::[Present Day - SS Fawkes]::

C`Tasi shot up in her bunk, slamming her head on the overhead before falling off the slim mattress with a muffled crash. Nauseous, soaked with perspiration and tangled in the thin blanket that had covered her naked form, the Caitain reeled from the dual onslaught of the nightmare and the throbbing atop her head. Ripping the covering from her face, she just managed to regain something of her senses before reeling and vomiting on the deckplates. She shook all over, tears soaking the fur along her cheeks and mingling with the sweat that seemed to mat her facial fur in places. She was able to suck in a ragged breath before she doubled over again and heaved yet again, but her stomach was already emptied. Once the dry heaves abated, the woman pushed herself backwards with her feet until she felt the coolness of the bulkhead, and wrapped her arms around her knees. She was frightened by her dream.. no.. her memory.. but she was furious with herself for cowering like a meek kit. She was tense, but the disorientation was leaving her as she shook in her ball.

It took the better part of fifteen minutes before the woman was calmed enough to take in steady breaths and rest her sore head against the bulkhead and peer out into her dim quarters. She was safe on her own ship, far far away from those that had hurt her before. For all she knew, and hoped, they had all been killed. The lingering fear still gnawed at her dreams, and her proximity to 'Fleet lately had set off all manner of nerves. As she calmed, the Caitian's nose crinkled as the sour odor of her sickness finally caught up to her, mingled with her own odor from the profuse amount of perspiration. With a groan, she slowly climbed to her feet, cradling her left arm which had grown stiff with the muscle tension in her shoulders.

A knock at the door caused her to snap her head around however, and crouch into a defensive posture, a sideways glance towards the phaser pistol that rested on the deck near the upended nightstand, "C`Tasi, you alright?"

For the second time in less than an hour, the Caitian's heart hammered down from it's jolting pace, the ridge of fur along her back settled and her flat back ears swiveled forward; it was Urpo.

"I'm good, Urp. Just.. knocked some stuff over in the dark, that's all," her raspy voice had a harder edge than she had meant, but she was entitled.

"Alright, Captain.." the Bajoran First Officer didn't sound convinced, though he didn't inquire further, "just heard the commotion and thought I'd check. Get some sleep?"

"That's the plan. Thanks."

She sighed as she heard his footsteps move away from the hatch to her quarters, the sound slightly muffled by the worn carpeting that covered the corridor's decking. She'd try to get back to sleep, alright.. but first she had to clean up herself and her quarters.

Captain C`Tasi Rssnai
Owner, Operator
SS Fawkes - Phoenix Freight Transfer


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