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Safe and Sound

Posted on Fri Feb 10th, 2017 @ 9:45pm by Captain C`Tasi Rssnai & Crew Member Melody Wasserman
Edited on on Tue Jun 27th, 2017 @ 8:43pm

Mission: Let's Kick this Pig

Tyler couldn't believe that she was a civilian again and was already signing up to get herself on another ship. Though currently stranded on the starbase with no other real place to go she didn't seem to have much choice. Starfleet had been exciting at first but then lately it had become boring to her. The final mission she took part in was enough that she wanted to quit and never go back to serving the wonderful Federation.

She had heard through someone at one of the station's bars that there was a new cargo company that was looking to crew a ship. She had decided to look into it and found nothing other than the company was indeed brand new and currently only had one ship which seemed to be crewless from what a friend in her old ship's security department had found out.

Tyler figured if the ship was, in fact, crewless that her getting a position aboard would be much easier. So she reached out to the owner of the ship and was now on her way to meet them. She wasn't exactly sure as to what to wear to this meeting she really didn't have many civilian clothes in her collection at the moment but it also seemed like wearing a dress wasn't really appropriate.

She decided instead that she would wear a simple polo type shirt, black, with black cargo pants, and her uniform boots. It looked professional enough, maybe a little dark, but it was functional and if she needed to she'd be able to put things in her cargo pockets that would help her care for members of the crew.

She did slip her personal communicator in one pocket and in another a PADD she hated being without one. When she arrived at the location of her meeting she was a lot more nervous than what she wanted to admit. She looked around the restaurant for the ship's owner and when she discovered the Caitian with the fake arm she knew that she'd found the correct person.

"Excuse me," she said, with a smile. "Are you Captain C'Tasi?" she asked, mostly pronouncing the name correctly.

C`Tasi had watched the human woman walk into the establishment with interest, following her with silent golden eyes. Her manner of dress was similar to the Caitian's own; a simple white blouse and a pair of gray trousers was simple yet above utilitarian. As the woman addressed her, C`Tasi smiled slightly and nodded.

"I am. And you must be Ms. Wasserman?" C`Tasi tilted her head, flicking an ear as she gave the woman a brief once-over while she stood before her, "Please, have a seat."

"Yes, please call me Tyler," she said. Of course, the name Melody was what was on the application. She sat down and took a noticeable breath before giving the Captain a polite smile.

"Alright, Tyler then," the Caitian glanced down at a PADD on the tabletop before her, "You're applying for the Medic position? I see you have some.. interesting.. qualifications. You were 'Fleet?"

"I was, yes... I was a Corpsman and qualified to operate independently without a physician as well as with a tactical unit," she said, with a slight nod. She used to tell those things to people proudly but now she was disillusioned.

C`Tasi nodded quietly for a moment, "I chance to think you'd find life on a common cargo freighter quite dull compared to a 'Fleet ship. I'm sure the only thing you'll have to treat is the minor scrape or headache here. Is that something you're prepared to do?"

"I like the medical role and I didn't think that it was something I'd get to pursue outside of Starfleet. While it may not be what it was before I'm hoping to continue my education and stay someplace besides a base or planet," she said, with a shrug. "I can't promise I'll feel the same way a year from now but I promise to meet my contract as far as moving is concerned."

C`Tasi nodded silently for a moment, listening to the other woman, "That's fair enough. I can provide competitive wages and benefits, and certainly you'll have plenty of time to work on furthering your education. Obviously you have experience with different species? Familiar with common Federation medical equipment?"

"I do have the necessary qualifications, I have them available for you," she said, pulling a padd from her cargo pocket leaning to the side to access it before sliding it to the captain. "All up to date as far as Starfleet is concerned."

"I'm not terribly concerned with what Fleet is.. well.. concerned about," C`Tasi took the PADD and glanced over it briefly, raising her brows at the qualifications, "I'd say you fit the bill, and then some, Ms. Tyler."

C`Tasi set the PADD down, and set her chin upon steepled fingers, "What, if I may, is your interest on a common freighter? Surely you could get a far more prestigious job in a clinic or hospital.. ?"

"Hospitals and clinics don't move," she said, simply. "I might be unhappy with the wonderful Starfleet at the moment but my need to be moving didn't go away. Besides out here I'm on my own and god forbid someone really needs my more advanced skills then they'll need someone as good at them as me. Plus it could be a challenge for me."

The Caitian female tilted her head slightly and regarded Tyler with silent golden eyes for a moment. Having served her own fair share of time in Fleet, and having seen a thing or two herself, C`Tasi was curious if the other woman's confidence would ever truly be tested on a common freighter. Regardless, the qualifications she presented was well above what would typically be necessary, but better safe than sorry. Altogether, C`Tasi liked the petite blonde human's spunk, and she seemed to be made of some tough fiber. With a smile, she extended her own PADD out to the woman.

"Well, if you'd like the job, it's yours. I hope to really never need to have you do more than pull some splinters, but I'd rather be safe than sorry."

"I accept," the girl said, simply.

"Very good," C`Tasi slid her PADD over to the woman, "Just thumb in the appropriate place, and that'll take care of the standard contract. You'll be able to find the Fawkes up in the docks. I've not yet secured a paying customer at the moment, and we're still trying to fill some vacancies. If you know anyone looking for a job, send them our way."

"I will keep my eyes open," she said, signing the document.


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