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In for a Penny, In for a Pound

Posted on Sun Jan 22nd, 2017 @ 1:18am by Captain C`Tasi Rssnai
Edited on on Tue Jun 27th, 2017 @ 8:42pm

Mission: Let's Kick this Pig
Location: Gimlet Star
Timeline: MD00 - 2000 hours

::[SS Fawkes - Engineering Deck B, Waste Management]::

C`Tasi growled lowly as she knelt on the deck plating, the corrugated steel digging painfully into her knees as she worked with both arms stretched into an access panel. The Fawkes had been refit and was surely space-worthy, however there was always something to fix or maintain even on the most prestigious of vessels; a freighter was not that, either. There'd been an odd relay misfire in one of the secondary conduits, and as the Caitian did not feel like waking up to a river of waste rolling through her ship, she'd tracked down the errant relay and was attempting to rectify the issue. The problem was, of course, that the item in question was tucked into an out-of-the-way place deep behind an access panel and she was having difficulty severing the coupling which held it in place. Grit, grime, lubricant and an otherwise unidentified sludge had coated her paws, making the work not only difficult, but also extremely unpleasant. With a yowl of frustration, she wrung her paws out of the panel and gave a short Caitian curse, scowling at the offending panel.

As she wiped her paws on a rag, C`Tasi glanced over at her PDC; the Personal Data Communicator was made to clip onto a belt and was rather small in size, however extremely versatile in it's function. While the device could utilize the Fawke's communication net in order to reach the other keyed devices, currently she was interested in the chronometer display on the front. Perhaps the only bright side of the day was the reply to her advertisement for a crew, and she had a reply from a human who appeared interested in the Business Coordinator position she had posted. It was one of the more key positions she had hoped to fill, though it was something she was prepared to take care of herself should there be need. She had already accepted the fact that she, as well as her crew, would have to wear a few hats in order to get things going, but one more thing off her own plate would be nice. The man's brief response simply inquired about a time and place to meet, and C`Tasi had simply gave him directions to a local establishment that would probably suit the purpose nicely. She had only about thirty minutes to get ready, however, so with a sigh, C`Tasi shut up the access panel and made a mental note to give it another go later on.

::[Gimlet Star]::

C`Tasi arrived well ahead of the appointed hour. She'd groomed herself nicely, and decided on a more professional look rather than her standard garb; a collared, white blouse and a pair of dark khaki trousers. The interior of the cantina was lit well enough to see by, and was cleaner than most of the other establishments of similar style closer to the dry docks. As a fair sized booth closer to the entrance was unoccupied, C`Tasi situated herself there, tossing a PADD on the tabletop and keeping an eye towards the door.

John walked through the door of the Cantina, stepping to one side so he wouldn't be silhouetted against the light outside. Even though the interior was well lit and cleaner than what he was used to, old habits died hard.

Tapping his foot as he scanned the room, he simultaneously checked the placement of the knife tucked into his boot and looked around for his contact.

He'd applied for the job on a whim, could turn it down just as easily if it didn't suit. Still, it would be nice to travel with something of a purpose. Retirement didn't suit him.

Neither did clean cantinas with recognisably edible food and genteel clientele, for that matter. He looked out of place in his loose fitting trousers and battered jacket. None of these people looked ready for a fight, no one looked like they had any grit to them. Except for one: a Caitian with an uncommonly red mane.

C`Tasi took note as the man made his way into the establishment, curiously watching his brief mannerisms; the man was used to harsher conditions, and expected a fight where he went. The human's stance also suggested that were there a fight, he'd handle himself well enough and his scanning glance belied intelligence as he took in his surroundings. The Caitian did raise a brow at the state of the man's clothes, but wasn't one to judge; she herself often enough wore more workable clothing than what she had on presently.

As John's brown-eyed glance finally swept over and met C`Tasi, the Caitian nodded to him, "Mr. Grier?"

John made eye contact as he slid into the booth, extending a hand to shake. "It's John." He smiled a lop-sided grin, and offered, "and I guess this is the part where I ask what I can do for you."

C`Tasi shook the proffered hand, taking note of the human's rough features up close; he appeared a man used to working hard, under equally hard conditions, though he had a certain glint in his eyes that belied something the Caitian couldn't quite put a finger on. Her eyes swept over his attire, his close-cropped beard and hair and she gave a tilt of her own head as she released his hand.

"I was under the impression, John," her voice held a thrumming undertone, "that it was the other way around. You were applying for a position on my ship?"

Her golden eyes flicked down towards her PADD on the table, a small smile playing across her muzzle, "Business Coordinator, I believe?"

John crossed his arms and leaned back, sizing up the woman opposite him. She looked professional enough, probably too much so. Her posture and the quality of her prosthetic suggested ex-Starfleet, her manner and dress that she was new to the business. But then again, so was he.

"You've got the ship, sure," John said. "But you need crew who know what they're doing and can do it without you looking over their shoulder. I'll be honest, I don't need the work. I'm looking for something to keep busy, and I happen to know my way around a ship and know a fair few people. I have contacts in the Federation, outside of it, and pretty damn far outside of it. I've got command experience, I've got experience haggling, I've got favours owed to me, and I can handle myself." He paused, and looked the Caitian dead in the eyes. "So. Out of all that, what can I do for you?"

C`Tasi smirked, flicking an ear at the Human's bravado, "You can find me some clients. Not just from here to the next drop, but the next drop after that. I'm not picky, just nothing too outlandish; I'm in this to make money, not get killed for someone's milk delivery. You can do that for me, and in return I can provide a competitive wage, a ship to lay your head down in, and perhaps it'll be something to 'keep you busy'."

C`Tasi reached over and tapped a few things on the PADD next to her before sliding it towards the man, "If you're interested in the job, John, go ahead and give your thumbprint. I'll expect you to have a job or two lined up for us, and if not I'll find someone else who's.. bored, and needs something to do."

"Fair enough," John replied. But before we set this in stone, you've got the right to know a few things."

His expression becoming more serious, he continued, "firstly, I'm a wanted man in several systems. Secondly, I'm an ex-mercenary and you can imagine what that entails. Third, and probably most important for you, there are people who don't like me who could potentially make trouble for you if you take me on."

C`Tasi raised a brow at the man, remaining silent for a moment as she studied his rough face. She'd imagined from the state of him that trouble followed him, or more often, he found it in unexpected places. With a frown, the slender Caitian folded her arms across her chest.

"John, I'm not sure if you have the wrong impression of me. Let me clarify some things. I'm a respectable business owner with an eye towards making money doing mostly honest work. I cannot be bothered with the idiosyncrasies of the various legal systems throughout the Federation.. or outside. I need a crew, and dependable people.. I can look aside at past indiscretions if you pull your weight, and give me a return on my investment.

She continued with a wave of a paw, "Your past employment gives me no grievance; if you sign on, you work for me now. And, if your past.. issues.. come back to haunt you, I expect you to take care of them and not make them my problem. If I wanted children, John, I would have settled down with a mate and taken care of business."

C`Tasi nodded down towards the PADD before John, "Now that we've had our heart-to-heart conversation, Mr. Grier, do you wish to seek employment with Phoenix Freight Transfer, or have we both wasted our time this afternoon on ghost stories?"

"I don't have ghosts," John replied, "and I get the feeling neither of us is the type for settling down. Mostly honest I appreciate though... Which is why, as my captain, you've a right to know pertinent details about my past. Now pass that PADD over, and we'll get to the business of seeing the ship."

C`Tasi nodded, glancing down at the PADD and making a minor adjustment before handing it to the man, "I also need a First Officer, John. My second that will take care of things if I'm tied up. You seem to know your way around a starship, and seem intelligent enough. The post is yours, unless I find someone better; you'll see the additional benefits below."

The last she said with a smirk, folding her arms across her chest again as the human took the PADD.

"Heh," John grunted, pressing his thumb onto the PADD. "Looks like we might have the makings of a good team."

C`Tasi Rssnai
Captain / Owner
SS Fawkes // Phoenix Freight Transfer


John Grier
Business Coordinator / First Officer
SS Fawkes


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