New Girl in Town

Posted on Wed Dec 28th, 2016 @ 1:12am by Captain C`Tasi Rssnai
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Mission: Let's Kick this Pig
Location: Starbase 343 - New London Station
Timeline: MD00 - 0900 hours

::[Dry Dock 7, SS Fawkes Berthing]::

The hussle and bussle of an active starbase dry dock was in full swing; foremen bellowed, yard workers moved hither and tither, and the constant hum of background activity was a cacophony of noise. Anyone who watched the activity could easily see the pattern woven within, despite the apparent random and chaotic movements of the parties involved. Each person had a task, every task had a purpose, and to the whole they accomplished much. The whole mess was not lost on a lone Caitian female as she rode a lift from the upper access deck and along the transparent tube that it traversed. She stood easy on digitigrade legs, leaning her slight weight on one hip, with her arms crossed against her chest. She was dressed simply; a pair of dark navy blue utility trousers with the legs folded up to just below her knees, a white short sleeved undershirt, and an old brown flight jacket. Captain C`Tasi Rssnai beheld the spectacle that was the area with only mild interest, having seen her share of such activity in one form or another many times; it was the same story of labor and reward all in a day's work. Absently, the young woman brushed a stray lock of scarlet hair from her golden slit-irised eyes, an ear twitching as idle thoughts threatened to pull her attention from the sights below. She was far removed from Terrans, who seemed to proliferate in the Federation; a bipedal felinoid with sharply scarlet hair and a tawny coat of fur broken only by lighter tan color from her chin down to her groin. She was a Caitian, and by right a full member of the Federation of Planets by treaties and the like which were in place far before her own birth. C`Tasi was by far not the first and only Caitian to flit around the cosmos after leaving their homeworld on Cait, but still there seemed to be a rarity of her people outside of Starfleet.

Starfleet. The idle thought creeped forth, causing C`Tasi's tail to flag slightly. She'd caught sight of the uniformed beings here and there as they moved throughout the concourse that was fastly approaching the descending lift, and she clicked her tongue as she watched. She herself had been in 'Fleet, and though it really wasn't all that long ago, it seemed like ages had passed. She was a different person now, though she did have fond memories of her time in service. Regardless, C`Tasi had little use for 'Fleet these days, and saw the agency simply as a something that was there. As the lift she was riding came to a near silent and unnoticeable stop, the Caitian padded out onto the concourse and started towards the promenade.

::[Concourse Promenade, C Level]::

Standard fare regaled C`Tasi as she padded through the open yet mildly crowded promenade deck, casually glancing here and there. Shops, cafes, lounges and sitting areas littered the area with their glowing holosigns depicting their wares or amenities housed within. Parents with children, lone couples, solo adventurists, and purveyors of goods walked along and went about their business seemingly oblivious to the actions of others around them. C`Tasi read people as she read an instrument panel or engineering console; each person had a pattern to their activities, and person had a way about them. Everything about them wove together, and each person whether to their knowledge or not wove together with another. She was no psychologist and hardly understood the mental aspect of such, but as an engineer she concerned herself more with the physical. Like the old Terran ants, each person had their place whether it was to eat a meal prepared by another, purchase goods created by another, or be that individual who created. Everything supported the whole, which was something C`Tasi easily grasped. She herself needed support, so she could wedge her way into the entire scape of the socio-economy which played out before her.

C`Tasi Rssnai.. Captain C`Tasi Rssnai.. was the owner and sole proprietor of Phoenix Freight Transfer and hand under ownership a recently refit Groumal-class freighter. The SS Fawkes rested now berthed in the dry dock she so recently ventured forth from, veritably empty save for C`Tasi's own meager possessions. She'd taken the Fawkes from her original berth after it's refit with a token crew who were on loan from a friend, and after their job was completed, they had returned to their original employ. So sat the freighter for the past week, crewless and otherwise jobless. C`Tasi needed a crew, and she needed a job. The Dominion War which ended a time ago had crippled the movement of wares from place to place due to the interstellar violence, however commerce was back into swing and needed businesses and ships like hers to move cargo. C`Tasi just needed to get things going in order to be a part of that, however the task was beginning to show daunting and wearisome.

With a heavy sigh, the lithe Caitian ambled into a cafe she was fond of, having frequented it several times over her weeklong stay. The Able Mate was not exactly a pristine establishment frequented by the upper crust, but it was certainly a fair enough place in it's right. Blue collar workers, 'Fleet ratings, and the Regular Joe were oft patrons of the establishment, and that suited C`Tasi just fine. It was essentially just creeping upon mid-morning, and so most of the working folks were out on the job which left the cozy cafe near empty. Artificial lighting blended nicely to simulate sunlight illuminated the interior, and the Caitian padded over to her usual booth near the large front window; it was a favorite past-time of the woman to watch the people on the promenade as she pondered on her own problems. The temperature was set at a pleasant level, so the Caitian doffed her jacket and laid it on the seat next to her as she sat.

"Miss Rssnai," an Andorian waitress appeared at the table, smiling at the Caitian, "it's a pleasure to see you again. What will it be this morning?"

"The usual, Okyhr," C`Tasi's voice was low and throaty with an underlying purr common of her species, "I'm a creature of habit I'm afraid."

"Very good then. Any luck with your ventures?" the Andorian tapped the screen of her PADD absently as she made small talk with her sole customer.

C`Tasi shrugged, waving her hands out in front of her, "Not as of yet. I've done a bit of advertising and recruiting work, but so far I've not heard anything back."

The Andorian's eyes briefly flicked over to the Caitian's hands as she gestured, a movement not unnoticed by C`Tasi. It was something she was used to, though in the times you'd have expected such a thing to not be so out of the ordinary. C`Tasi's left arm from the shoulder down had been lost in an accident while she was serving in 'Fleet, and had been replaced by a biosynthetic prosthesis. Perhaps what caught the eye was the fact that it was not made to match her skin tone, nor adorned with a match to her pelt, but instead was a silvery metallic with long tribal patterns in dark swirls in the mock of a sleeve tattoo. C`Tasi had often received inquiring looks, however long ago learned to simply ignore the curiosity of others.

"Well, I hope your luck turns, and things get under way!" the waitress's chipper smile brought C`Tasi back and she returned it in kind.

When the Caitian offered no further reply, the girl wandered off to see to her order and left C`Tasi alone in the booth to her own thoughts.

Captain C`Tasi Rssnai
Captain, SS Fawkes