Captain's Log I

Posted on Sat Jan 28th, 2017 @ 12:33am by Captain C`Tasi Rssnai

Since the days of old, the Captains of masted ships on high seas have kept journals, logs, and diaries describing their exploits and adventures for later enjoyment. Even in current times, when water faring vessels are things of bygone times, ship Captains keep a log of some nature, though most are recorded through holo programs. I find myself at ease using the age old "paper and pen" method, if for no other reason than to remind myself that I'm not so egotistical as to talk to myself in an empty room..

The SS Fawkes has finally become space-worthy and was given leave after final inspections took place. All systems appear to be running well enough, despite the old vessel's age and long disuse. If nothing else, I think the fact that it sat in dry-dock so long helped to preserve the systems and the usual wear-and-tear never took place. I've berthed on a local Starbase in hopes of garnering a crew, and hopefully gaining some clients so that I can get the business underway; Phoenix Freight Transfer is nothing fancy, but as I never intend to go back to 'Fleet, I need something to live on. The life of a cargo hauler should be mundane enough to keep things less than exciting, but should give me ample opportunity to keep busy - and make money.

Despite my recruiting efforts, I've only contracted one employee so far, though he may prove to be one of the most important. John Grier seems to be a rough man with rough edges, though he's fairly intelligent. As Business Coordinator it will be his job to secure paying clients so that we can even begin to start the business up. I have some reservations about his past, and I must admit our first meeting was not what I had pictured an interview to be like, but I think it will work out in the end. He may be more trouble than he is worth, but for now, we'll see how things play out..

I've got a few other responses to my advertisements, and will be meeting with a young woman for the position of Medic. I'm not sure how riveting the job will be for her, but one can never be too careful in the expanses of space.. With luck, the only thing she'll have to do is hand out band-aids and pull splinters from hands after a day of moving cargo.

With luck, I'll be getting more responses to my hiring advertisements, and Phoenix Freight Transfer and the SS Fawkes can finally be underway. I have enough padding from investments to keep things going for now, but I'm hoping to get things going before the cupboards run bare. For now, I'll keep plodding on, and hope for the best. There's certainly plenty of folks still looking to rebuild after the Dominion War, and jobs can be scarce in the outer systems.. Let's hope that lends to my favor.