Name Description
SS Fawkes The Groumal Class, a freighter that eventually became the mainstay cargo carrier for several major Alpha and Beta Quadrant races, was ironically first designed and built by Bajorans. A few short years after the Cardassian Union first offered to assist the struggling Bajor, a joint endeavor was undertaken by the two peoples. It had two aims. The first was to provide the Cardassians with a functional, but inexpensive new freighter class. The second was to provide a stimulus to the ailing Bajoran economy via a capital project.

The Cardassian Union has used the Groumal Class as a general purpose cargo carrier since its inception, relying on it to transport vast quantities of much needed materials in bulk across their space. Entire cargo containers must be removed in cases of heavy loads that are not easily transported even by the freighter’s better than average transporter systems. As a result, the Groumal is modular in design, divided between five columns of removable cargo containers, the bow section with its sensors, docking systems and primary shields, and the aft section with its engines, crew quarters, computer systems and bridge.
Type 1 Shuttle Standard Type 1 Shuttle
Wyvern-class Hopper Best known by the term "Hopper", the Wyvern-class Transport can carry 32 fully armed marines from a starship to the ground. Larger versions do exist to carry more troops and heavy cargo such as ground assault vehicles, or cargo runabouts can be deployed.

Larger vessels carry Wyverns in their shuttlebay. Once the carrier vessel has reached its destination, it can open it's doors and allow the Wyvern to "drop" into the atmosphere. Wyvern's come with high-powered impulse engines to allow them to reach the safety of the carrier vessel; although in an atmosphere they resort to conventional atmospheric thrusters. The Hoppers navigational computer is specifically designed to spot and guide the vessel to suitable Landing Zones (LZs) to quickly allow the deployment of marines.

(img copyright Ryan Wolfe of 0 hr: art & technology)
Work Bee Class Workpod A Workbee is a type of small utility craft which is used throughout the Federation. The name, sometimes split into two words, Work Bee, is derived from the craft's small size and the distinctive yellow colour which most 'bees were painted. They are are also referred to as cargo management units.

Various attachments and configurations allow the Work Bee to act in a variety of roles such as cargo management, repair, etc.