Let's Kick this Pig

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Description Beginning of the SS Fawkes and the Phoenix Freight Transfer company.
Mission Group Season 0
Start Date Wed Dec 31st, 1969 @ 8:00pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Establishing Vorta-fications
by Captain C`Tasi Rssnai & Crew Member Wivaneh
A Rude Awakening..
by Captain C`Tasi Rssnai
Not so distant past.. Black Talon Brig
Safe and Sound
by Captain C`Tasi Rssnai & Crew Member Melody Wasserman
In for a Penny, In for a Pound
by Captain C`Tasi Rssnai
MD00 - 2000 hours Gimlet Star
New Girl in Town
by Captain C`Tasi Rssnai
MD00 - 0900 hours Starbase 343 - New London Station

Mission Summary

The SS Fawkes has just docked with Starbase 37 aka New London Station after traversing from parts unknown. The ship itself, a Groumal-class freighter, is in need of some stocking of supplies and some minor upkeep maintenance after a skeleton crew delivered her under the command of C`Tasi Rssnai.

Before the business can even get off the ground, C`Tasi needs to find herself a crew and stock the ship with necessaries as the delivery crew has finally disembarked. Her bank accounts are saturated with funds from keen investments, however they will dwindle fast if she cannot manage to secure a paying job..