Crew Member Gellebria Lundstrom

Name Gellebria Evaste Lundstrom

Position Load Master

Rank Crew Member

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Romulan
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 1.72 m
Weight 64 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description While possessing a somewhat slim build, Gellebria has the body of someone who spent their life on freighters and haulers:
Muscular, calloused, and scarred.
She usually wears her long, wavy hair up in a sloppy bun, but is loathe to cut it. Apparently, beyond this, her physical or cosmetic appearance means little to her.
She is missing all of her pinky finger on her left hand, leaving a dark scar on that side of her hand.
She sports several tattoos, including a t'liss on her back, and a number of geometric figures on her arms.


Father Dathan Marcus Lundstrom
Mother Evaste ir-Llunih t'Khev
Other Family Not known.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gellebria has a warm, if guarded heart. She enjoys the company and conversation of others, frequently offering a quick joke or sarcastic quip whenever she has the chance. However, she also values her privacy and is generally reluctant to open up to any but her closest friends.
Left to her own devices, if she isn't working, Gellebria is most likely found in her quarters playing Dom Jot or reading up on Romulan history and tradition.
She does genuinely enjoy interacting with her crewmates, but will rarely move out of her private rut without some outside interference.
Strengths & Weaknesses An experienced cargo handler and loadmaster, Gellebria trusts her own experience and intuition above all else. While this very often serves her well, it has led to hard-headedness, and conflict with other crew and occasionally her superiors.
She is a firm believer in mind-over-matter, and getting the job done.
She struggles with a deep dislike and distrust of Klingons. She is uncomfortable with her feelings and avoids expressing them. However, she believes that she has some justification, since her prejudice was formed from her interactions with Klingons.
Ambitions Gellebria has few ambitions, but prides herself in her knowledge and skills. Wherever she applies herself, she strives for success.
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys dom jot, though even she will admit she's not particularly good at it. She often plays a computerized version during her off time.
She has an interest in Romulan history due to her late mother.
She keeps a Talaxian fur fly named Sheha as a pet.

Personal History My mother died when I was a baby. Maybe right after I was born. I don't actually know; the Cold War was pretty intense at that time, so my father didn't like to talk about her.
My first memories are of living on DS-10, where he was an engineer.
I imagine word of my Romulan heritage spread to Starfleet Intelligence at some point. And with the treaty between The Dominion and The Star Empire, my father got paranoid. We left on a civilian freighter when I was 5.
I spent the rest of my life hopping from ship to ship with him, occasionally stopping on a station for a few months. He worked where he could find it, and stole when he had to. As soon as I could, I was working with him. Those were the best years of my life: just he and I wandering the galaxy. He called it our adventure.
I didn't know what else to do when he died, so I just kept going where I could secure food and shelter. Alone, I felt less like an adventurer and more like an animal.
Then I learned about Romulus. My father lost my mother when I was born. I lost her with Romulus. I can't really describe what that was like.
I spent the next year or two on Starbase G-6 before getting back out to the stars. I've been running cargo in and out of Romulan territories for the past few years until now.
Service Record 2383-2384: SS Bartlett; Loadmaster's Asst.

2384: GS Kouta; Cargo Handler

2384: Starbase 8; Custodial

2384-2385: FMS Laut Nebbin; Loadmaster

2385: Kayfon Station; Asst. Storage Admin.

2385-2387: SS Manoa; Loadmaster, Passenger Handler

2387-2389: Starbase G-6; Hospitality, custodial

2389-2391: SS Beyat; Loadmaster, Asst. Engineer

2391-2393: SS Lakul; Loadmaster

2393: Starbase 37; Maintenance, custodial