Crew Member Jesse Cooper

Name Jesse "Mac" Cooper

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Crew Member

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 185 cm
Weight 82 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jesse is tall, narrow framed but solid and very fit. His skinny symmetrical build uncovers a well defined musculature, hiding untapped power beneath. Jesse is known for his calmness, his movements are slow, calculated and very deliberate, giving an ever present air of nonchalance, that is only doubled by his easy going manner. His lips are almost always painted with poker smirk and a person is never sure what he is thinking.

A stark contrast to his calm manner is his hair, which is in a perpetual state of wilful disarray. On top of that he has never been know to be clean shaved, there is always some sort of stubble on his face. Clothes he wears are practical for engineering work, nicely tailored, neat but always scruffy on the edges and erring on the side of slovenly.

Saying Jesse is a ruggedly handsome rouge is a first and last impression one gets from meeting him.


Spouse ...not in a million parsecs
Children ...not that he knows of
Father Jared Deele
Mother Mara Deele
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jesse is a calm, easy going charmer with a hidden sense of humour topped by heaps of sarcasm. Years of living on the fringes of space faring society has tinged his personality with a very selfish outlook on life, where he learned how to care about nothing but himself ... and his pockets. It is something he is secretly ashamed of as it far from teachings of his upbringing.

When frustrated by a seemingly unsolvable problem, his calm demeanour can crack suddenly, opening a whole new person, that wants to solve the problem with lots of yelling and possibly physical abuse... preferably last one.

He shows little to no respect to his superiors or authority, as he feels to be above such nuisance. Always giving his opinion with a mocking overtone. This last fact is something why he was forced to change ships and stations often, his engineering skill being the only thing that keeps him highly sought after on the market.

Strengths & Weaknesses Jesse is a focused and goal-oriented engineer. Years of working on different types of ships with nothing to fix them together than a piece of gum has made him an extremely adaptable, out of the box engineer. Lacking any formal education in this regard, being a focused self taught
mechanic, gives him an advantage on the lacklustre trading ships of the quadrant, yet he can be at a loss on the big ordered and backup filled star fleet vessels.

Living on ships and stations doing all sorts of jobs trough the quadrant and not being picky who to work with (as long as they pay) has made Jesse a well connected person on the low end of the social lader. And Jesse takes every opportunity to listen carefully at the grapevine so as not to leave any opportunity go by. Information was power afterall.

His biggest weakness is his ability to say or do the wrong thing at the exactly wrong time. And second to that is his addiction to drink, that only multiplies his above mention ability the wrong decisions or. Although he is very conscious about his credits, the lack of any real ambition and ever present felling of loneliness, makes Jesse a big spender on the down time.
Ambitions Being orphaned at a very young age, Jesse is searching for his origins. Ever since the bankruptcy of SS Fortune and subsequent suicide of his adopted parents, he is in search of the same family ship feeling he had there.
Hobbies & Interests Jesse is not a man of many hobbies. In his free time he likes to study astrophysics. But his interests are tied to acquisition of archaeological findings and of course subsequent sale of heritage.

Personal History OCC

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