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Crew Member Wivaneh

Name Wivaneh

Position Communications Officer

Rank Crew Member

Character Information

Gender Transgendered/Intersex
Species Vorta
Age unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 152cm (5'0")
Weight 45kg (99lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Like all Vorta's Wivaneh has the characteristically pale skin, violet iris's and elongated ears that were completely joined to the rest of the head. Wivaneh is also extremely short compared to other Vorta only standing at 152cm (5'0") and very very slight build even for her height.

Wivaneh's enjoys leather and velvet material finding it the most aesthetically appealing. So most of her outfits are leather or velvet like her favorite a rose pink high neck bodysuit along with black leather pants or skirt.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Wivaneh loves chaos in fact it gives her an natural high problem was when there was no chaos she went through withdrawals just like any other addict.

Her other issue was was the amount of times that she has been cloned her memory could get a little foggy. It also didn't help that she potentially had ADHD or something like that she struggled with paying attention.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Greater sense of hearing
+ Immune to most forms of poison
+ Telekinetic abilities

- Weak eyesight
- Limited sense of taste and aesthetics (Wivaneh's had a better sense of taste and aesthetics after doctor Llewellyn finished his experiments on her)
Ambitions Her main ambition is to stay alive seeing as she could no longer be re-cloned seeing as the Dominion War was over and that all the cloning facilities were destroyed.

Also finding chaos and feeding off of it.

Personal History During the Dominion War Wivaneh was cloned five times; killed twice while serving on two different Dominion Heavy Escort, once on a Dominion penal colony (killed by a prisoner) and the last two on Cardassia Prime by the Cardassian dissident movement.

The biggest question was why and who cloned her again by the time she died the fifth time the war was over. After the cloning was done she was stranded at one of the Alpha quadrant cloning facilities main question was how did the Federation, Cardassian Union, Klingon Defense Force and Romulan Star Empire didn't find this cloning facility.

Wivaneh spent 23 years in the cloning pod until she was awaken when doctor Llewellyn; a disgraced doctor, somehow stumbled upon it and by docking with the facility his ship re-activated the facility. After she was awoken the good doctor poked, prod and probed Wivaneh. This started taking a toll on her and eventually she got tired of it and eliminated him

Using his shuttle she escaped the facility and headed for the nearest station/facility/outpost which was Drozana station a gambling establishment where Wivaneh decided to test out a device of the good doctors a Gambling Device.

Problem was she didn't have any GPL (Gold Press Latinum) so she had to put up the shuttle. Problem was the device wasn't calibrated property meaning Wivaneh lost which meant the Misuo's ship and their way off the outpost.


This is where I need to decide how she would either get picked up or found or anything like that.