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Captain C`Tasi Rssnai

Name C`Tasi Rssnai

Position Captain

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 1"
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color Amber / Scarlet
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description C`Tasi petite and lean, a compact and lithe female with an unregarded strength. Her soft fur coloring is a deep amber throughout, though from under her chin, down her neck and torso to her groin the darker amber breaks to a much lighter tan. Her coat is not shaggy, though is slightly longer due to her home region in the desert plains. Her long mane of hair, in contrast, is a deep scarlet. Aside from the striking scarlet of C`Tasi's mane, perhaps the most eye-catching attribute for the woman is the biosynthetic left arm which she had lost during her service in Starfleet. Though a typical biosynthetic limb would match the skin tones of he owner, C`tasi simply had hers remain as a nondescript metallic silver. Though bare of any fleshy tones or other adornments, tribal symbols of her Clan played down the limb as a full sleeve tattoo.


Father S`Rosin Rssnai - ret. Commander, Caitian Sky Patrol
Mother K`Rerow Rssani-Ybara

Personality & Traits

Ambitions To stay as far away from Dras Briggs as long as possible; the ownership he placed upon her was frightening and she'd only just escaped his grasp in the end.

Personal History C`Tasi grew up in a rigid household fraught with rules and regulations as her family held a high station within her Clan. At the time of her birth and during her early years, her father was a Commander in the Caitian Sky Patrol which had accorded the family a respectable status in the region they dwelled. As such, C`Tasi grew up with structure and regiment which she followed without question. She was not pampered, though she was the sole child born to her parents. For the fair portion of her younger life, C`Tasi wanted nothing more than to grow up, and eventually follow in her father's path with the Sky Patrol. However, as she grew older, she found that her ambitions lay farther removed, and she turned an eye towards Starfleet. Her decision to not follow her father's footsteps and enter into Sky Patrol, and in the end completely leave Caitia did not sit well with the old Commander. While not doted upon, C`Tasi's status by birth gave her a high standing in the Clan, and she could have punched her own ticket to any career in Sky Patrol. She'd spent years gripping her sire's coattails, however, and had a strong desire to do things for herself; in the end it was a respected, if not begrudged decision.

Once eligible, C`Tasi applied for and was accepted to the Starfleet Academy and at once traveled to San Francisco to undertake her studies. Four years seemed to go by in a flash, though it was a time remembered with fondness by the young Caitian. Always having an interest in how things work, and a keen mind towards detail, C`Tasi had chosen the Engineering and Operations track, focusing on damage control and ship systems. Her studies over the four years consisted of a variety of fascinating didactic sessions, and engaging practical assignments which only continued to enthrall the now Midshipman C`Tasi. As with all Midshipmen in the Starfleet Academy, a cadet cruise was undertaken midway through allowing the students a real hand at practical implementation of their skills and a feel for how things are done on a starship in Starfleet.

The USS Fox was an aging Intrepid-class cruiser that had more years on it than the CO would care to admit, but she still ran true enough for Starfleet's purposes. C`Tasi was assigned primarily to the Engineering department, however she did second over to Operations as was her want. She got along well enough with the Engineering Officers, and was able to hold her own during conversations that made her peers eyes glaze over for the technical details. Something to which the other Midshipmen didn't quite understand, the Caitian spent an equal amount of time with the Engineer Mates and the other Enlisted folk that toiled in the cavernous confines the department called their own. Her father once taught her that everyone had to start from somewhere, usually at the very bottom, and that there was always someone to learn from on the way up. The Officers may have run the show and had a fair bit of knowledge in their own rights, but C`Tasi found the Enlisted man had more wisdom to apply the knowledge properly. She found the same true when she seconded to Operations, and made a point to follow the same practice she had in Engineering; knowledge was nothing without the wisdom to use it. During her time on the Fox, the tawny Cait became a favorite of the ratings she spent her time with, and the Officers over her were impressed with her progress during their time with her. It wasn't until the return voyage, and near the last leg at that, when C`Tasi impressed many more with an unlikely discovery.

A sudden fluctuation in power throughout the Fox brought the aged vessel out of warp and plodding along on impulse. Even with the lower power propulsion, the ships systems seem to lose power and there was an incredible strain on the systems that perplexed the Engineering crew. The warp core itself appeared to remain stable, however there was an odd fluctuation to the dilithium articulation frame which was sputtering output through the magnetic plasma conduits. As the conduits ran through a very narrow section between double hulls before reaching the nacelles via the power transfer grids, it was nearly impossible to physically inspect the devices. Nearly impossible, save for the lithe and flexible frame of a certain Caitian Midshipman. Diagnostic scanners had thus far located a general vicinity for the fault, however a physical inspection was needed; Mark I eyeballs were the absolute when it came to obvious breaks and trips in the system itself. With a purpose, C`Tasi was tasked with traversing the narrow crawl spaces and identifying the issue, and to repair it if able. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, she was able to find the issue quite readily once she followed the conduits that veined the ship. With surprise it was discovered that several conduits had degraded due to the pressure of the electro-plasma that powered the starship, and the spill-over from the ruptured lines was beginning to degrade others. To make matters worse, there was a backflow problem, which was actually forcing a portion of the plasma back through the conduits towards the core; a catastrophic reaction within the core was inevitable if the problem wasn't rectified. Using what she knew, C`Tasi was able to quickly make repair preparations and communicated back to the waiting Engineering and Operations teams that had been standing by her for report. Though access shafts through the bulkhead allowed for easy maintenance on various portions of the ship, the tight spot she had wiggled her way into when she found the problem didn't have a direct access panel. Portals were cut into the bulkhead and further help was acquired, and through diligent effort and several long hours, it was found that the damage could not be totally repaired without an entire system overhaul, and potentially a new warp core system. They were, however, able to patch things up enough to limp to the nearest drydock where further analysis could take place. Emerging from the crawlspace, the Cait was dirty and exhausted, but smiled broadly at the round of applause from her comrades. She hadn't exactly single-handily saved them all, but her part in the effort was strongly recognized.

Not one to live in the limelight, C`Tasi returned to her studies with her peers and ultimately graduated the Starfleet Academy with her sought after degrees in Engineering and Operations. With the graduation came her automatic promotion to Ensign and her first real assignment on a Starfleet vessel, the USS Shadowfax. The Anubis-class vessel was an interesting playground for C`Tasi to cut her teeth on, with a seasoned crew and a tenacious Chief Engineering Officer. Only one of three other Engineering Officers, C`Tasi often wore several hats during her tour, and quickly became well known among the Officers and Enlisted alike as being a supreme artifacer. She could make due with little and accomplish a lot with what she had to work with. The ratings she supervised were never afraid to bring new ideas to her, and she often authorized diverse enhancements to the systems prior to clearing it with the Chief. It was lucky, perhaps, that none of the 'unofficial' upgrades caused any malice, though one tweak did cause the replicator in the Officer's Mess to spray coffee across the compartment for several days before it was rectified. After two years of service as a mere Ensign on the Shadowfax, C`Tasi was recommended and received her promotion to Lieutenant J.G. and was made the Senior Damage Control Specialist. She had worked hard to form close bonds with the beings she worked with, and liaised quite often between the Operations and Engineering Chiefs. After three more years, C`Tasi's hard work payed off yet again, and she was offered up for a promotion again; this time, it came with a price. In order to be granted the promotion to Lieutenant, C`Tasi would have to leave the comfort she had come to know on the Shadowfax and transfer to a different vessel where an appropriate billet was open. Though it pained her to leave the vessel she had come to call home for so many years, C`Tasi accepted the promotion and took her orders.

The promotion did come with quite the price, it turned out, and the now Lieutenant C`Tasi found herself as a Chief Engineering and Operations Officer aboard a less than stellar assignment; the USS Minotaur, a Defiant-class patrol escort. She was only one of very few officers on board the vessel, but found herself with an extremely capable crew of ratings to handle the maintenance of the starship. All in all, C`Tasi was extremely pleased at essentially having an engine room of her own, and made it her duty to keep the ratings and sole Engineering Officer under her in top condition. She was well liked, and maintained popularity on the smaller vessel. Such a charmed existence came crashing down, as they tend to do, during a routine patrol during picket duty. An unknown assailant lay into the Minotaur, disabling the besieged vessel prior to it being able to assume a defensive posture. The back of the beast nearly broken, it took a great deal of ingenuity on the Cait's part to keep the struggling Defiant in one piece and in fighting order, though in the end a tactical retreat was called. Nearly disabled, the Minotaur was able to leap away from the marauder as it rounded for a killing blow, the Starfleet crew never positively identifying the bandits prior to engaging emergency warp. Alas, such was not the last of difficulties faced by the crew, and their escape was short-lived. The damage to the Minotaur was extensive, and the strain on the warp core during their emergency evacuation proved to be too much. Explosions ripped through the engineering compartments, conduits bursting and tanks rupturing, spilling destruction. C`Tasi had been one of the last to leave the confines of the engineering decks, hastening to salvage what she could from the tormented superstructures around her. Already several of her people had been seriously injured or killed as they attempted to contain the breach, but the blaring klaxons and flashing lights could not blot the savagery which lay out before her. The orders came down quickly from the Bridge as the ship struggled to maintain impulse control, C`Tasi's recommendations preceding them by only seconds. With a pain, the Lieutenant jettisoned the warp core, but perhaps a second too late. As the core ejected from it's moorings and was flung from it's housing and into the inky abyss of space, a back-splash of electro-plasma ignited across the bulkheads. C`Tasi veritably threw the rating who had been assisting her through a hatch, clamoring behind him. Once sealed, the hatch should have provided safety for the two stragglers, however the concussive force of the internal rupture flung the hatch from it's holdings. The two were but motes on the wind at that point, as structures collapsed in on themselves and bulkheads crumbled about them.

It was some time before the crew were able to safely search the lower deck for survivors, the Minotaur having limped unhealthily on inertia. While they never found the unfortunate rating that had stayed with C`Tasi, they located the diminutive Caitian pinned beneath the rubble of unknown structures. She was hurt badly, but alive, and help was already on the way. It would be several days before C`Tasi regained consciousness and learned of the outcome of their endeavors; the Minotaur was done, but many of the crew lived. C`Tasi had, unfortunately, lost her left arm in the ordeal; super-heated structures had fallen upon her during the final rupture, pinning her arm to the deck and doing far too much damage to the tissues. She was fitted with a biosynthetic prosthesis and transferred to a medical facility for further recovery and therapy. Trauma comes in many forms, and though the physical aspect was evident as the Caitian progressed through physical therapy, the psychological was a bit more severe. She could accept the loss of a limb, after all it had been replaced with something better and just as responsive as her own, the feeling of failure was nearly overwhelming. She felt as if she could have done more to prevent the dangerous outcome of the cascade which had caused many lives, and nearly her own, though counselors did their part to allay such feelings. It took some time, though her physical wounds and psychological wounds healed and C`Tasi was released to duty.

C`Tasi was rather restless after her release, and found herself rather uncomfortable with the everyday Starfleet life. She had experienced something that several of her peers had not, and thus she was somewhat disconnected. After several sessions with a counselor, she made a decision to take a leave of absence from Starfleet in order to gather herself together; initially she had planned to simple resign her commission, however between the counseling sessions and discussions with her family, she elected simply to take the leave. There was more to her time away, however, than what showed on the surface. C`Tasi was internally insensed with the fact that Starfleet had not done more to investigate the unknown vessel that had broken the Minotaur and taken so many lives. A full hearing had taken place while she had been recovering, and though she had been able to attend and give her own testimony, the entire endeavor left a bad taste in her mouth. While the panel had asked numerous pointed questions, C`Tasi had fired back with several of her own which earned her a stern chidding. In the end, the diminutive Caitian resolved to herself that she was going to conduct her own investigation, though she really had no idea where to start.

In the beginning, C`Tasi thought about returning home to Cait, but nearly just as quickly dismissed the idea. If she was going to try her hand at subterfuge and guile, she'd have to sever any remaining ties she had that would pin her as.. her. It was fortuitous that the Caitian had an oft sought after skillset that could be applied nearly anywhere in the Federation.. and outside of it. For the next three years, C`Tasi spent a great deal of time in some of the more notorious systems along the Cardassian Union's border, and made many trips within. She hopped from one unsavory job to the next, meeting a variety of equally unsavory people who could give her own piecemeal information. The one constant rumbling was a rogue privateer had been taking bounties from an unknown source against Starfleet and civilian vessels alike. The general consensus was that Starfleet was fine, they could typically hold their own or were expected to. The attacks on civilian vessels, however, left a dour emotion that permeated the privateer community and left a fog of animosity that was rather thick.

It had taken some time, but in the end C`Tasi finally tracked down the rogue privateer, or rather he tracked her down. She had been careful in her questions around the dregs of society, but even the most careful cannot keep a lid on everyone they speak to without killing them. It shouldn't have been much of a surprise then when the Caitian was effectively shanghaied by the very captain and crew she was seeking to find. Dras Briggs was half-Betazoid and half.. almost human. He was a frightening man, at least in reputation, though his physical appearance was deceiving. He was a whip of a man, not short and not overly tall and exuded an aura of confidence that smothered like a blanket. His black eyes, for they were entirely black as if there were but empty sockets peeking out, seemed to bore holes into the souls of those he focused his scrutiny on. Dras was exotic, and he enjoyed exotic things. He immediately took a possessive liking towards the tawny furred Cait now in his grasp, though he had to unravel the mystery as to why she had been asking so many pointed questions. He bent his impressive will towards interrogating C`Tasi, using methods both physical and psychological in order to wrestle information from her. Briggs was not an accomplished telepath, and though he had the innate abilities from his Betazoid genes, he had a stronger grasp of his empathetic abilities than any others. Still, they were enough to meet his needs, though he found a bit of a challenge in the captive Caitian he held. He could easily sense her anger, her hate, and the sour flavor that was her fear. C`Tasi was smart, though she had little control over what Briggs could glean from her surface emotions, so she played upon what she could read of the man herself. She was able to convince Briggs that she had been asking after the activities of he and his crew for the simple purpose of joining as she had a bone to pick with Starfleet. She lied without lying, and was able to steer her emotions and body language to show exactly what she wanted him to. Ultimately, Briggs released her from captivity, in a fashion, and allowed her to join his crew.

For the next two years C`Tasi integrated herself into Briggs' crew, slowly getting to know various contacts and persons of interest. The ease in which she was able to slip into the little enterprise surprised her, but then Briggs loved exotic things.. and she was pretty exotic. His questioning of C`Tasi never truly stopped, though he found different ways to go about his methods as time went on. For all intents and purposes, C`Tasi was more a slave than member of the crew, which was what most of them were anyway. A fair few of the older hands had been resigned to their fate, and thus embraced their new livelihood knowing that their only release would be eventual death. C`Tasi, however, held such an option in contempt and was ever ready to escape with information, if not the destruction of Briggs and his ship.

The Black Talon, Briggs' ship, was a stolen S'ona destroyer that had some rather un-S'ona armaments. C`Tasi never found out how Briggs got his hands on one of the vessels, but it was surmised he snatched one during the falling of the Dominion War. Her knowledge of Engineering led her to being assigned to such, and she was able to learn a fair bit about the Talon's inner workings. While she rarely had time to herself, for Briggs would often keep her by his side day and night like a pet, she began to hatch various plans in order to sabotage the vessel. As with most plans, things often go awry, and it was on one of the many raiding runs Briggs made that brought an abrupt commencement to the Cait's careful planning. A Bajoran Groumal-class freighter had been targeted for plunder, and the trap had been laid well. As the Talon began cutting into the freighter however, two Starfleet picket ships arrived out of warp in the midsts of the battle. Apparently, there were traps set on both sides of the play, however the grin that spread across Briggs' face on the Talon's bridge let on that all was not what it appeared. While one of the smaller Starfleet vessels began counterattacking against the Talon, it's partner came about and opened fire upon it's supposing comrade. There was never a chance for a distress signal or communique, as the ship crumpled under the dual onslaught from both attacking vessels. C`Tasi was stunned, however there didn't appear to be much surprise across the bridge while the action took place. Certain things began to fall quickly into place.. how Briggs always knew where unprotected ships were.. how Starfleet could never track his movements, find his base of operations, or even identify truly who he was. A million frightening thoughts ran through C`Tasi's head as the battle concluded, but the first and foremost was that she had no where to run. If there were traitors within Starfleet, she didn't know who she could turn to.

Her thoughts were brought to an immediate halt, however when the Talon's view screen lit up with a craggy face that she recognized with some horror. The face she knew, Commander Bennett, had been the youthful Executive Officer aboard the Minotaur when it had been assailed, though he had taken a brief leave of absence and was not actually present on the ill-fated ship when it was attacked. C`Tasi had little doubts as to why. Almost nearly as soon as she recognized him, he did her as well. He had been in mid-sentence while greeting Briggs when he caught the diminutive Caitian out of the corner of his eyes, and he stood stunned for a moment. A moment was all that C`Tasi needed however, for as Bennett turned to bark out to Briggs who she was, and her affiliations, the tawny furred Cait took a flying leap across the bridge to the weapons station, batting the stunned crewman who was positioned there out of the way, and smashed down on the panel. Without any clear direction, the arrays all fired forward where the traitorous Starfleet vessel had drifted in it's arrogance. The small picket vessel was near vaporized in the assault, however C`Tasi's stunt was a short-lived victory for the moment. Powerful hands grasped her and hurled her across the Bridge with anger, and she crashed against a bulkhead. Seeing stars, she scrambled to her feet and made a beeline for the hatch. C`Tasi ran like she'd never run before, scrambling down engineering access tubes rather than using the turbolift, and taking the shortest way possible to Engineering. She'd already set a routine in place in the computer to disable the Talon, but it was unfinished and certainly untested. Her hope was the knock the destroyer out of commission and give her enough time to escape.

By the time she reached a console in Engineering she had blood on her hands and she felt sick for the deeds she had done. Many of her fellow "crewmen" were slaves to Briggs just as she, and were simply following the orders to capture her, but it was something she could not allow. She would remember the eyes of the young Bajoran mechanic as she broke his neck for the rest of her life. Slamming the console with haste, C`Tasi set the carefully secreted routine to run, and bolted towards her next destination. She knew she had only a handful of seconds to reach the transporters before the systems began to fail and she did not want to be in the process of having her molecules rearranged when that happened. She'd killed or critically injured three more crewmen by the time she'd made it to the transporter room, but not without her own injuries. She limped from a jagged gash that played down her hip, a lucky strike from a wicked edged weapon, and her breathing was labored from a rib-cracking bear-hug she'd found herself in during a frantic ambush. With shaking paws, she targeted the Groumal-class freighter and alighted upon the pad just as the compartment's hatch blew open. Briggs himself stood in the entryway, his dark eyes dangerous and malevolent. He mouthed but one word, "Mine", which caused C`Tasi to involuntarily move almost off the pad before the system energized and sent her speeding to her destination.

Suddenly materializing on a ship that had just been attacked by an unknown assailant was probably not the best idea, but the Groumal-class freighter had held up well enough during the onslaught. A fair portion of the meager crew had perished during the fight, several systems having failed and left the ship limping. Her Captain had perished among the first, leaving the bedraggled crew to fend for themselves after a control bank in the Bridge had taken the man down with it in a cascade of energy. Luckily, C`Tasi's program fired without a hitch, and as the Talon began to yawn to take the freighter under fire again, it suddenly slewed to the side. There was a riotous explosion from various points of the vessel, but something rather unexpected had also occurred. The algorithms that C`Tasi had hastily pieced together had trouble with certain systems, and suddenly the Talon shot forward under warp into the black of space.

A great deal of the details were told to C`Tasi later, however. She had appeared on one of the Engineering levels of the freighter and before she could gather her wits she was attacked from behind. A solid strike to the back of her head left her falling to the deck in an unconscious heap. When she awoke she had no idea how much time had passed, but she was surrounded by very grim faces and secured tightly to a medical gourny in what appeared to be the freighter's Infirmary. It took a great deal of convincing and story telling, but eventually C`Tasi was able to get the remains of the crew to believe that she had been a captive on board the ship that had attacked them, and that she had escaped. The details they had rattled off to her concerning the aftermath of her escape as well as the goings on during the battle solidified some parts of her story, but they were wary. Despite such, the ship's medic did his best to patch up her hurts with the meager supplies they had and C`Tasi went to work assisting with the hurried repairs of major systems. Luckily, the first system back up and running was the impulse drives, and shortly thereafter the warp engine. Life support had hung on, and navigation was spotty at best, but they were soon underway back towards a more hospitable region of the sector.

During the trip, C`Tasi learned a great deal about the Groumal-class freighter and it's remaining crew. Several of them were simple hired hands, essentially seasonal workers who had hired on for a simple transport between points. Eventually the freighter, which C`Tasi learned was called the SS Dalania made it's way back to Starbase 375 where it had originally set off from. Most of the crew dispersed, though one stayed on as they had no where else to go. A Bajoran named Urpo Buzun was originally the ship's First Officer and Navigator, as was impressed by C`Tasi's tenacity. He was fairly old, and canny as it could be. Between the two, they managed to stay out of Starfleet's presence on the Starbase, and were able to pool assets together to get the Dalania back up to running order. Given as how the Caitian had been extremely instrumental in the survival of the freighter (and his life) in the first place, Urpo ceded the ownership claim of the ship to C`Tasi. He had heard her story regarding both Briggs and the unknown aftermath of the Talon and both decided to rename the ship, and attempt to blend back in with Federation society as best possible. Thus, the SS Dalania became the SS Fawkes, and C`Tasi and Urpo became partners of sorts in a fledgling business. Fear still lingered, however, that they would be discovered as sole survivors of a voracious attack, and without knowing who they could trust in the sector, it was agreed they'd try their hand in success as far away as possible. As such, the Fawkes with it's two-man crew departed quickly after emergency repairs were made and lay course for Starbase 343.
Service Record 2378 - Enrollment to Starfleet Academy

2380 - Cadet cruise, USS Fox, discovered anomaly with warp core which prevented cataclysmic cascade

2382 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy with degrees in Engineering and Operations, promoted to Ensign

2382 - Assigned to USS Shadowfax, Engineering Officer, Damage Control Specialist.

2384 - Promoted to Lieutenant J.G., appointed Senior Damage Control Specialist USS Shadowfax.

2387 - Promoted to Lieutenant, transferred to USS Minotaur and assigned as Chief Operations / Engineering Officer.

2390 - USS Minotaur attacked on standard picket duty by unknown assailant. C`Tasi severely injured during bulkhead collapse and subsequent warp core ejection, effectively severing left arm at shoulder.

2390 - While in physical therapy after grafting of biosynthetic limb, took leave of absence.

2390 - Disappears for a time - pursuing own investigation into rogue destroyer.

2393 - Resurfaces with a Groumal-class freighter. Registers vessel as SS Fawkes, business as "Phoenix Freight Transfer".